Soul of Healing

Dr. Heather Paulson’s Soul of Healing

Hi, I’m Dr. Heather Paulson and while completing my residency, I became curious about the aspects of healing beyond the physical body. It became clear to me that there must be something other lab results, imaging and a diagnosis that played a role.

Down the rabbit hole I went from both a scientific and spiritual perspective and The Science and Soul of Healing was born. It’s my way of exploring this “X” factor to healing looking beyond body to understand how mind and soul affect the healing process.

I invite you to come read more about these topics and leave your questions and comments. Thank you!

Robyn Openshaw: Your High Vibration Life

The Secret to Better Health is Frequency Have you ever wondered where we get sayings like "I just don't vibe with that" or "that's not my vibe"? What does it mean to have a vibe? Join me while I talk with Robyn Openshaw about her new book Vibe: Unlock the Frequencies to Health, Success, and [...]

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What I learned from Clowning Around with Patch Adams

This past week I had a “living the dream” pinch me moment. Even before I knew I was going to be a doctor Patch Adams inspired me. You might remember the story of his life portrayed by Robin Williams. Watching that movie was the first time I could ever imagine a doctor being safe. [...]

Before Goal Setting in 2015, Try Saying Goodbye to 2014

I imagined 2014 and I standing on a romantic train platform, in black and white of course, and as 2014 gets ready to get on the train and depart from the station we look into each other’s eyes and I say…I am so grateful for you.

Call a Truce to The “War On Cancer”

I am so struck by the idea that there was a war declared against cancer in the 70’s. A war conjures up imagery of destruction, fighting, and competition. In it’s very definition a war is a state of hostility or conflict. So here we are, declaring a war on cancer. Marching in walks and parades [...]