I had quite a few follow up questions about sacred space after the Creating A Healing Circle, and I thought you probably had some similar questions. The most common question was…How do I create a sacred space? I haven’t done that before!

There are several things that you can do to set the tone of your sacred space. While creating your space, remember that is does not have to be somber or serious. It can be FUN!

To set the stage for sacred space there are a few key things to do to alert the senses that something sacred is about to happen. You have probably seen these things take place in church services or masses, traditional healing circles, or while watching a documentary with a ceremony on national geographic.

Here are Four Steps for Creating a Sacred Space:

1.Intention and Invocation

Setting the intention and asking for divine presence is the first step to creating a sacred space. You can invoke by saying a prayer to a Saint, Arch Angel, Jesus, Earth, The Creator, or anything that represents God or a Higher Power to you. You can use prayers that are written by others like The Prayer of St Francis or you can make your own prayer.

Be sure to ask for protection and blessings and to express gratitude for all the priceless gifts you have been given. Remember, simple things like water to drink and air to breathe are truly priceless blessings.

2. Scent

Adding the sense of smell to your sacred space helps clear the energy and brings fresh energy to areas of stagnation. I think that’s why so many of us become candle fiends and love fragrance. You can feel the shift as soon as the scent hits the air.

Traditionally scents like Sage, Palo Santo, Sandalwood, and Frankincense were used in ceremonies. You can use those scents or light a candle with lavender, tea tree, or rose. If you have an aromatherapy diffuser any of these essential oils are great options.

3. Sound

Sound also helps move energy and set the intention for the space. You can use chants, choirs, or even Jack Johnson (or your favorite calming artist) to set the tone…literally!

4. Lighting

To create sacred space your lighting can be as dim as candles, the light of the full moon, or you can turn all your lights on. It’s really up to you! Whatever fits the intention of your sacred space for that day. 

Once you have the stage set…it’s time for healing and ceremony. So far we have covered the Circle, but there is so much more to share.

Still not sure how to do it?

You can see all these steps in action at The Paulson Center. Why? Because I believe that anywhere healing happens is sacred ground. It is my hope that from the moment you walk in the office you feel a sense of peace and healing. So every morning we set the intention for healing, use essential oils to purify the space, add Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar (and sometimes Jack Johnson), and create unique lighting in each room.

Now you know my secrets! And you can do the same at home.