The Secret to Better Health is Frequency

Have you ever wondered where we get sayings like “I just don’t vibe with that” or “that’s not my vibe”? What does it mean to have a vibe? Join me while I talk with Robyn Openshaw about her new book Vibe: Unlock the Frequencies to Health, Success, and Love.

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In this interview Robyn and I will talk about:

  • The difference in Frequency between a healthy person and a person with cancer
  • How food can increase or decrease your frequency
  • How our thoughts affect your vibration
  • The one thing she recommends for resetting your vibration and frequency


Robyn also offers some amazing free gifts to help us shift our vibe!


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Robyn is being super generous! To make sure you have all the tools you need to raise your vibe and improve your health she is actually GIVING AWAY her book. For FREE. She has a limited number of books to giveaway and once they are gone, they’re gone. Gotta be quick! GET YOUR COPY HERE (click link).

Gift #2: Vibe Shopping List

Calories are 170 years old & totally USELESS for choosing your foods. Choose foods that are HIGH VIBRATION instead. Get this Shopping List to PRINT and take to the store! Put any of the Highest Vibe 200 Foods in your cart and AVOID the 45 Lowest. CLICK HERE TO DONWLOAD

Gift #3: Vibe Quiz

Empaths, intuitives, energy healers. We have a quiz to identify If you’re an empath, intuitive, or energy healer, but on your show, we can talk about what do I do with that? CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE QUIZ

Gift #4: Vibe Raising Videos

In just 10 minutes you can raise your vibe! Robyn will guide you through exercises Yoga, Tai Chi, and Energy Work to help you raise your frequency. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEOS

“Everything in Life is Vibration” Einstein

“If you want the secerets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Nikola Tesla