Saying Goodbye to 2014...

Saying Goodbye to 2014…

You are probably ringing in the New Year…but did you give thanks for 2014?

I am seeing a major trend on social media that maybe you are taking part of today. Have you set a goal, intention, or wish for the New Year? If so, awesome! It’s very healthy to invite in spiritual growth, travel, fun, and health for a new year. But how did you say goodbye to 2014?

Earlier this week, if you would have asked me that question, I would have looked at you cross-eyed. What!?! Say goodbye to 2014? I don’t have time for that, I’m planning my awesome 2015 because in 2015 I’m going to hold a retreat, do a detox group, launch a program (and the list goes on).

I was just about to forget acknowledging 2014 for the lessons learned, strength found, deeper spiritual meaning, and the richness of another year with my loves. How sad! Then I read a teaching that invited me to turn my attention to 2014 for just a moment. And while it is departing, recognize it as a living-breathing year that I could talk to. And I did…I talked to it.

I imagined 2014 and I standing on a romantic train platform, in black and white of course, and as 2014 gets ready to get on the train and depart from the station we look into each other’s eyes and I say…I am so grateful for you. I have learned so much. You heard my dreams, wishes, and desires and you answered them. And the dreams that didn’t get answered, well I know they are about to unfold, or were better of left as dreams and will part with you on this train.

Goodbye 2014! We had a great love affair!

Goodbye 2014! We had a great love affair!

2014, I love you! You took me to Bali, you had me host a retreat in Maui, and you helped me open an office that makes my heart sing. 2014, you blessed me with big time speaking opportunities, web casts, and new friends. You ushered in some time with my loved ones, and every minute (let alone every year) of that is precious to me.

Sure 2014, you and I had some downs too. I’m not going to lie. There were tears, moments of fear, and questions about whether I could raise up to the tasks you were asking me to grow towards. But I showed up, totally in it, and so did you.

2014, you are an absolute gift. So much gratitude flows over from my heart that my eyes are getting teary as you get ready to board this train. You ha