Aloha 2016

In the days leading up to the start of a new year a certain buzz starts around us. A buzz that asks…


The start of a new year brings new expectations, new goals, and new ideas of how to live our lives. While there are many upsides to this energy pulsating towards new ways of being, it also has its downsides. Is it just me, or have you experienced hitting the wall of built up and grand expectations from the New Year?

What if we took an approach to the New Year that allowed us to gently invite it’s presence into our every day lives? The best word I know how to invoke the spirit of gently inviting a new year into being is ALOHA.

One of my favorite interpretations of the meaning of Aloha is “to consciously manifest life joyously in the present.” It represents the transformation of energy that happens when it’s welcomed with joy and love into our mind, body, and soul. But it also honors the present moment with joy as a starting off point towards transformation.

Can you feel the difference between an invitation and a hard-set goal? Between a transformation and a change? Instead of jarring ourselves into a new way of being, what if we set some ideals but gradually let our body and soul warm up to the idea?

This invitation to a new way of being is kind of like adding a new fish to a fish tank. First you set the bag that the fish is currently in gently into the fish tank. You allow it’s little plastic baggy of a home get acclimated to the surrounding tank. The water in baggie starts to set its temperature to the temperature of the tank.

Once the water temperatures are the same, you gently add the fish with it’s old water into the new tank. It gets to take enough of it’s old tank into the new environment so it doesn’t go into shock and die.

Let’s introduce ourselves into the New Year the way we would introduce a fish to a new fish tank.

  1. Set expectations. You are creating a new environment for your health and wellness goals to come true.
  2. Know where you are headed. You are headed into a new surrounding environment of your own creation.
  3. Get warmed up. Check out your new environment from the safety of your baggie that contains a bit of the old you that you are ready to release.
  4. Release yourself fully into the new. With your old habits warmed up to the idea of your new habits, allow yourself to be fully immersed in the new. Mixing both old a new together.
  5. Aloha. Say hello to the new you. Embrace the changes joyously in the present moment, however they are showing up right now. Allow the energy around to be transformed as you invite both inner and outer transformation.

If you allow yourself this gentle acclimation to a new year…what big or small things do you think you could accomplish?


“The Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a Single Step.” Chinese Proverb

Here to support your big and small wishes! I would love to hear what you are reaching for…you can leave your big goals in a comment below.