healing circle Could Something as Simple as a Healing Circle Actually Work?!?

I have the great honor of studying with traditional healers from all over the world. It is in fact one of my favorite things to do! While we are so blessed to have the medical interventions and advancements that are available, there is so much wisdom in traditional healing systems, such as a healing circle.

One of the healers I have studied with quite extensively is a Cherokee medicine man. He is a quite man with lots of stories about his Grandfather who taught him how to harness his healing gifts and the Creator, or God. Recently, this medicine man taught a small group of us about using circles, circle ceremonies, and family circles for healing.

I usually don’t share this “woo woo” side with you. So, why am I talking about it today? Well, while learning about the healing power of Family Circles it really struck me that this is totally missing from your treatment plan, our society, and the healthcare system in general.

What is a Family Circle?

A Family Circle is any space, or circle, that you use to connect to God (or Creator) and the ones you love. You can use this space as a conscious effort to hear from the Creator (or God) about directions to take your life, the big mysteries, and sometimes nothing at all…just peaceful silence. A circle can be as simple as meeting together with a group of friends with the intention of being positive, healing, and uplifting one another. It can be as complex as ceremonial circles used in American Tribal traditions. A Circle should include time for quiet contemplation.

When you create quiet, sacred, and intentional space of introspection, prayers, and support you can experience:

  • Improved processing of stress
  • Reduced inflammatory markers
  • Improved focus and calm
  • Discernment about whether you are doing the right thing
  • Reduces anger or aggression
  • Improves state of well being and joy

How to Start a Circle

My suggestion is to start a circle by defining your special space for contemplation. Some of my patients have a special chair or space in their house they use for prayer, meditation, and contemplation. When you feel grounded in this special space, you can start inviting others to join you.

If you are healing from a chronic disease or cancer, this can be a great adjunct.

Want more info on creating a circle? Leave a message below with your questions!

Have you started a circle or prayer practice? I would love to hear about it! Please share your comments 🙂

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