When it comes to Cancer Proofing your diet, sometimes we forget that we already have what we need in our cupboards. Diets for cancer can be confusing and complicated. But you know me, I love keeping things simple! So, why not go grocery shopping in your own cupboards?

Stephanie (our in house Cancer Proof Nutritionist) challenged me with Canned Pumpkin for this Cancer Proof Kitchen Cook Off. I made Pumpkin Ice Cream (dairy free, vegan). Stephanie made Pumpkin Hummus. Here are the recipes…

Pumpkin Nice Cream

1 can Pumpkin

1 can Coconut Milk (full fat)

⅓ cup Maple Syrup

1 tsp Vanilla

Blend together in a blender. Place in a freezer friendly container. Place in the freezer and chill for 4 – 6 hours.

Pumpkin Hummus

2 cups chickpeas

1 cup pumpkin

1 clove garlic

1 tsp Italian Seasoning

1 tsp Tahini

Place all ingredients in a food processor or blender. Blend until smooth. You can top with Rosemary, sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, or olive oil.

Some other Ways to Use Pumpkin:

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Pumpkin Cheesecake Protein Smoothie

Chickpea Pumpkin Coconut Curry

Pumpkin Black Bean Burgers

Pumpkin and Lentil Soup

Pumpkin Coconut Smoothie


Video Transcription

Dr. Heather Paulson  0:03 
Hey guys, Dr. Heather Paulson here and today is the quarantine kitchen challenge. I wish I had like some special song for that. But anyways, welcome to the cancer proof kitchen challenge. Stay at home quarantine edition. I am joined here by Stephanie want to say hi, Stephanie. Hi. And we are challenging each other to stick with the cancer proof diet here while also using what’s in our cupboard. So Stephanie I were chatting and we thought, you know, what does everybody probably have leftover in their cupboards right now that they need to use up. Right? And so Stephanie challenged me

This Cook Off with pumpkin

Canned pumpkin. Yes, this is legitimately canned pumpkin leftover from Thanksgiving. How about you Stephanie is yours newly bought or leftover from Thanksgiving?

Stephanie Olschner  1:10 
Leftover from Thanksgiving still.

Dr. Heather Paulson  1:13 
Yeah. So we are going to create two recipes and we want to hear from you guys we want you to vote on which recipe you think you’re going to try or which recipe you did try and you think tastes awesome. So I am going to start I’m going to make pumpkin ice cream.

It’s heating up here in Arizona It’s already 80 degrees here. I know it’s just the beginning of spring but that’s how we roll here in Arizona and I’ve been craving ice cream but I don’t want ice cream, right? Ice cream is high in fat, especially saturated fats and that is not considered cancer proof. So, I am going to make a no ice cream maker needed ice cream. Using pumpkin.

So the cool thing about canned pumpkin is that pumpkin is very high in beta carotene. Actually anything that’s orange is high in beta carotene. And we know that beta carotene from the diet and when we have high levels of circulating we’re beta carotene in our blood can actually reduce the risk of cancer growth and risk of cancer recurrence. So that’s why this is a really good one for the challenge. It’s also going to take coconut milk, a healthy mono unsaturated fat. We’re gonna use just a little bit of maple syrup here. And maple syrup is high in minerals like iron. It’s got 8% iron an 8% calcium your daily recommended calcium. So when we’re trying to avoid sugars, maple syrup is still okay in small quantities. And then you can’t have pumpkin pie ice cream without pumpkin pie. spices and some vanilla. So that is going to be my recipe. What are you making Stephanie?

Stephanie Olschner  3:08 
Yum! I’m going to be making a pumpkin hummus today. And so I also have leftover from Thanksgiving pumpkin. And Dr. Heather already told you all the good things about pumpkin and also I have a garbanzo beans high in protein. And I have let’s see, this is very simple. So just some Italian seasonings, some sesame seeds, garlic, which is super good for the immune system, and rosemary. That’s what’s going to be in my cancer proof diet recipe.

Dr. Heather Paulson  3:51 
Awesome. As an added bonus to this challenge was to use Rosemary. Because, this beautiful Rosemary is growing in Stephanie’s yard. And she dropped some off in my front porch like bagged it up, dropped it off, left it on the front porch. We’re still social distancing as much as we wish we could hang out together. And so this Rosemary is part of the challenge too. So I am going to make a rosemary, sugar free lemonade. And I’ll show you guys how to do that in just a minute.

All right, so I’m emptying the pumpkin into my bowl.

So how’s homeschooling going Right now, Stephanie?

Stephanie Olschner  4:45 
It’s going well, except Nolan is busier on zoom meetings than I am today.

Dr. Heather Paulson  4:56
The New Normal

All right, so I forgot my cup measures.

All right, so I put in one can Pumpkin, one can have coconut milk. And now I’m going to put in 1/3rd of a cup of maple syrup here.

And then a little bit of vanilla, 1 tsp.

I like vanilla flavor. Extra teaspoon. What do you got going on over there?

Stephanie Olschner  5:52 
Yeah, two cups of chickpeas, 1 one cup of pumpkin so far in my food processor you could use a blender also if you didn’t have a food processor

and threw a clove, couple cloves of garlic

and one teaspoon of Italian seasoning.

And if you don’t have that on hand you can just use, you know, any Italian seasonings you have. Sage time rosemary, salt and pepper.

Dr. Heather Paulson  6:39 
It’d be really awesome if we had like, like real cooking show people have their like dishwashers and stuff. Your own dishes though. But luckily yours is a pretty easy right And mine’s pretty easy dish wise.

So like Stephanie’s using her food processor. I am using my VitaMix here to blend mine together.

Stephanie Olschner  7:16 
And you could add tahini if you wanted to the Hummus also but you can do without if you didn’t have that in your kitchen.

Dr. Heather Paulson  7:41 
So, personally, I like to be an eyeball measure, except when I’m baking and I’m like super precise, but I’m just gonna eyeball and you can use the palm of your hand to eyeball measure things so like, a full palm of your hand in the cup here is about a teaspoon. I want about a quarter teaspoon, so I’m not using the full palm of my hand, but I’m just gonna go ahead and put that in. Make it easy, less dishes.

Stephanie Olschner  8:30
Hey, we’re gonna we’re gonna Blitz here. Go for it.

Yeah, okay.

Dr. Heather Paulson  8:37 
Go, go go 🙂 I’ll mute you.

Stephanie Olschner  8:39

Dr. Heather Paulson  8:50 
Okay, so we’re also going to put some other pumpkin recipes up on the blog, because one of my favorite ways to use canned pumpkin is an oatmeal so you can make pumpkin pie oatmeal if you get a little sick of your if you get a little sick of your oatmeal or need something exciting to do with it, then doing pumpkin about two or three spoonfuls of pumpkin per serving of oatmeal and then some pumpkin pie spices mixed in is really really yummy. So that is one thing that you can do.

And so mine is good to go. Got it all Blitzed here, and I am going to unmute you.

Stephanie Olschner  9:45 
You all good. I’m good. I’m all good. Ready?

Dr. Heather Paulson  9:49 
So I just got this…what is this? A loaf pan, a bread loaf can and if I wanted to be really particular about the way I’m freezing this I would line this with some parchment paper or something so that ice cream wouldn’t stick as much. But I’m like really not out fussy in the kitchen. So I’m just gonna pour it directly in here and if I need to defrost it I’ll just put it in a little bit of warm water around the edges like a little bit of all neutral to warm water bath and that will ease things up around the edges just fine without parchment paper. How about you Stephanie?

Stephanie Olschner  10:31 
I’m ready to go. I’m just I could be ready to serve. I just been putting in some serving bowls. And I’m going to top it with our challenge ingredient rosemary, nice. Chopped up some rosemaryfor garnish and you can add red chili peppers. I have sesame seeds also you can top that with. And then whatever you’d have to dip it with fresh vegetables, crackers, I have, I think some coconut chips in there that might be really good with that. So…

Dr. Heather Paulson  11:18 
Nice! So I’m gonna this just go straight in the freezer like this. I have a lid for this somewhere I was just looking for it but who knows where it is. So I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna put it in the freezer like this and it’ll be ready in about 30 minutes.

Okay, so for my Rosemary challenge, like I said, I’m gonna make some lemonade. So I have my little stock pot here. I cut three lemons in half. So lemons are in season here in Arizona. All of my patients are bringing me lemons right now because they’re in abundance. So I’m just taking my lemon squeezer here and squeezing the juice into my pot and I’ll strain out the seeds.

I personally don’t mind like a little bit of pulp in this so I’m just giving a little extra squeeze into my pot.

I don’t know there’s something therapeutic about squeezing a lemon, don’t you think?

Like, nature stress ball,

Stephanie Olschner  12:43 
the aroma too, it just makes you feel good.

Dr. Heather Paulson  12:51
The reason why I am putting this into a pot like this, instead of into a pitcher is because I’m going to heat it up. I’m going to heat it up with the Rosemary to help get some of that Rosemary flavor into my lemonade. And then since it’s going to be sugar free, I just wanted to put a tablespoon of maple syrup, which is kind of like the Master Cleanse. So this is like Master Cleanse ish lemonade here we got going on minus the Cayenne. So instead of cayenne, we’re gonna do some rosemary.

I just chucked this to the side. I’m just gonna squeeze it. I’m not fussy in the kitchen, you guys, I don’t know you’re getting that picture. just squeezing it myself.

I call myself the lazy chef because I like cooking and I think I like eating at home and eating home cooked meals. But I am pretty lazy when it comes to Anything that requires extra equipment or special equipment, or special ingredients.

Stephanie Olschner  14:08 
You’re keeping it real Heather. I mean, this is something that everyone can do. So that’s

Dr. Heather Paulson  14:14 
So you don’t even need like a lemon squeezer or juice or whatever.

Gonna be a pain to pick out my lemon seeds, but I’ll do that later. And then from the rosemary, I’m just going to take my fingers and run them down the stem. And so then I can pick the rosemary like that. It’s a really easy way to take the rosemary off. So I’m not going to chop rosemary. Let’s be honest. I’m going to find the laziest chef way to get my Rosemary off the stem. And that’s how you do that. Perfect. And then I’m just going to put a little dab of maple syrup

Some extra water,  I’m going to Fill us up to the top with water.

So what are some of the health benefits of rosemary, Stephanie? Why is this a good thing to have in our meals today?

Stephanie Olschner  15:14 
Well, it’s antibacterial and antiviral, so it can help protect your immune system. Perfect, it’s also good they say just inhaling the rosemary is good for memory, boost your memory as well. So, all kinds of good things with rosemary.

Dr. Heather Paulson  15:35 
Yeah. And because lemon skins are great for modified citrus, pectin, and lemon skins with d-limonene,  it’s good for blocking cancer cell growth. I’m gonna just take a little bit of this skin and put it in as well. So we can have the cancer prove properties of the lemon skin. I do have a zester, so I will be high maintenance with that just to get some extra cancer blocking stuff in my lemonade. Just a couple of, ooh I just splashed it on myself to say just a couple of limes here. Dropping all the things . We are live and doing this for real.

Not a professional chef. FYI. Professional doctor, Yes. Cheef, no.

But your daughter’s a Chef right Stephanie?

Stephanie Olschner  16:51 
Yes. Yes, she is.

Dr. Heather Paulson  16:54 
Does she like cooking with this kind of stuff? Or does she like more chefy like butters and things like that.

Stephanie Olschner  17:01 
She does she likes the real the real deal. But she did for Easter, she cooked a grain free, low sugar, two low sugar desserts. So she made a carrot cake with real carrots and walnuts in almond flour, and she’s a little maple syrup and then she made a flower list chocolate cake, which was really nice. So she does. She’ll do the healthy stuff too, but she does like the rich so

Dr. Heather Paulson  17:37
Awesome. Okay, so I put the lemonade on the stove, and I’m just gonna bring it up to a bit of a boil and then and then I’m going to simmer it for about three minutes to get a lot of those Rosemary properties in and flavor and also herbal medicine properties into the tea. So in addition to it being anti vaxxers Serial anti microbial anti viral. Rosemary is also good for improving blood flow to the brain. So it’s something that I like to have my patients use if they’re having something like chemo brain. And then it’s also, Rosemarinol is one of the oils in Rosemary that’s been shown to reduce tumor growth. So a couple of reasons why Rosemary is one of the ways to spice up your life to have a better cancer proof kitchen. So we will be back with our results. You already have yours mine are on the stove and in the freezer, and we’ll be right back.

I can smell the rosemary in it. I’m just gonna take my strainer here. Then I have a mason jar. And I’m just gonna strain it into a mason jar. Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m spilling it on my feet?

Stephanie Olschner  19:25

Dr. Heather Paulson  19:26 
Oh yeah, nothing like boiling water on my feet. So refreshing (laughing).

Stephanie Olschner  19:33 
The lemon. I was thinking the lemon smell is refreshing.

Dr. Heather Paulson  19:37 
So I’m gonna let this cool on my countertop before putting it into the fridge because it is very hot. And I’m gonna let Stephanie tell you a little bit more about pumpkin. Well, I wake up scalding hot lemon juice from my floor.

Stephanie Olschner  19:57 
So we talked about all the great benefits of pumpkin but we did forget one is fiber. It’s super high in fiber. So just one more benefit to pumpkin. So if you have that extra pumpkin from Thanksgiving, try to use it up and some of these recipes that we’ve shown or if you have any of your own

and yeah, we said high in vitamin A as well, but Heather mentioned beta carotene.

So yeah, and also pumpkin is good for your immune system as well. So, no, everybody’s concerned about that right now. So just one more reason for pumpkin.

Dr. Heather Paulson  20:46 
Yeah, and the reason the reason why…

The reason why fiber is really important in cancer care as cuz fiber can help reduce risk of recurrence. So studies have shown that 35 to 40 grams of fiber per day helps reduce risk of colon cancer and breast cancer recurrence. And one of the things that’s really great about fiber is that it helps set up our gut microbiome to be healthy. So they think that that’s part of the reason why fiber is really good for breast cancer and colon cancer because it actually changes the microbes in the gut and helps metabolize estrogens and helps get rid of toxins in the colon.


Stephanie Olschner  21:36 
Great info thanks, Heather.

Dr. Heather Paulson  21:38 
You’re welcome. Kind of a nerd about these things. In case you didn’t know that about me.

So this is these are my products actually. So I kind of messed up I thought, well, ice cream was gonna be done in 30 minutes. I reread the recipe turns out it’s going to be six hours. It won’t be ready for this video. Actually, it won’t be ready until after I go to bed tonight. So, Darn it. We won’t be eating that tonight but the lemonade will be ready. How about you show us Stephanie? Your spread there. It looks really yummy.

Stephanie Olschner  22:18 
Okay, yeah, so I have the hummus already. And I just typed it with rosemary and sesame seeds and then I just have some fresh veggies that I can dip it in. Or I said you could use some type of grain free chip we just happen to have coconut flour chips in.

Dr. Heather Paulson  22:41 
Awesome. How’s it taste?

Stephanie Olschner  22:44 
It’s really good.

I was skeptical of the pumpkin hummus but it came out really good.

Dr. Heather Paulson  22:52 
Does it taste like pumpkin pie? Or like sweet like, like how would you describe the taste to me?

Stephanie Olschner  23:01 
It has a hummus texture you you get a hint of the pumpkin, but the garlic and the seasonings really give it that traditional hummus flavor I think so.

Dr. Heather Paulson  23:14 
Yeah, I can’t wait to try it. I personally want to try out your recipe I have, sad to say, more than one can of pumpkin in my cupboard. We’re gonna put some other pumpkin recipes up to you. I’m going to share some links to a Pumpkin Pumpkin curry recipe that looked really good that I thought about trying for this. My favorite pumpkin oatmeal recipe and which is I think the pumpkin oatmeal recipe is in my book cancer proof I can’t be 100% sure. But it is one of my all time favorites. And we’ll put some other we’ll put the pumpkin hummus recipe up on the blog and of course the pumpkin ice cream and Couple other links to some other pumpkin goodness.

If you guys have some ideas or suggestions for the ways that you use canned pumpkin that is in align with the cancer proof diet, let us know we’re always looking for new ways to use the ingredients around our house. Like I said, I have more than one can of pumpkin in my pantry. And also, we are here to serve you. And it’s really important that we give you the recipes that are really going to make your day that much better, that much easier, that much brighter. So we want to hear from you what is in your pantry or your refrigerator that you’re not sure what to do with maybe you bought something and you’re like, I don’t really know how to make collard greens, or maybe there’s something that you have too much like I had way too many carrots and had to try some new care recipes recently. So we are here to help you figure out this cancer person. Kitchen and help you live your cancer proof life. And we want to hear from you what your challenges are. Go ahead and challenge us with your ingredients.

Thanks, Stephanie, for joining.

Stephanie Olschner  25:16 
Thank you. That was super fun and I can’t wait to try your ice cream and lemonade.

Dr. Heather Paulson  25:21 
Awesome. And how can people work with you?

Stephanie Olschner  25:26
You You can contact me, you can email me at Stephanie at the Paulson center. Or you can look me up on Instagram wealthy lifestyle coach.

Dr. Heather Paulson  25:39 
Awesome. So Stephanie has been working with people one on one helping them figure out things in their cupboard and their refrigerators and helping them customize their cancer proof diet and getting them on track with that. So she’s here to support you. And as always, I’m here to support you to love you guys. Hope that you’re having as much fun I’m spilling things in your kitchen as I am. We’ll talk to you soon.