Articles on How to Prevent Cancer by Dr. Heather Paulson, ND

Do you want to learn how to prevent cancer? To become a Board Certified Naturopathic Oncologist, I went through medical school along with all the other doctors. But instead of traditional medicine, I chose to focus on naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic medicine uses herbs, vitamins, diet, and alternative healthcare as the primary treatment. That gives us a lot of techniques to help you learn to prevent cancer. Here you can read my latest articles on the tools and techniques to detox each room in your home, detox your backyard, and eliminate cancer causing chemicals.

Kicking the Sugar Habit For Good! With This One Cancer and Sugar Tip.


When it comes to cancer, sugar is a huge thing to eliminate from your diet. So why the heck is it so hard?!? Do you know why you crave sugar? It has something to do with minerals and nutrients. Once you know why, then you also know how to stop the sugar cravings. An important step in removing sugar in the cancer proof diet.