Clear the Air of these household chemicalsIt’s time to clear the air of cancer causing household chemicals!

There are so many things in our everyday environment that are linked to cancer risk. Some of these toxins are unseen and floating all around you in the air as household chemicals.

Did you know that indoor air has more pollutants (in ppm) than outdoor air?

It’s true that many of these things on their own and in low doses don’t seem to cause cancer. But, we don’t fully understand the effect of low dose exposures over time and what happens when you have multiple low dose exposures.

Low Dose Exposures to Toxins In Your Air

One of the low dose exposures linked to indoor air quality is DUST. That’s right, dust! A study looking at the components that make up dust showed that it contains pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and more. Make sure you are dusting regularly! Preferably with a damp cloth so you don’t inhale any dust particles.

Until we know the answers behind long term exposures and multiple combined exposures, I recommend you minimize as many toxins as possible. These toxins impact not only cancer risk, but can influence asthma, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a variety of other health conditions. I have noticed that when I start talking about toxins in our environment the audience either:

  1. Glaze over
  2. Gets super freaked out
  3. Becomes overwhelmed with changes that they want to make

That’s why I’ve created the way of greening your home and reducing your health risks from environmental exposures. So what’s the way to go green?

H – find out what’s HIDING
A – learn what you need to ADD to make your home toxin free
P – figure out what to PITCH to get the toxins far away from you and your family.

I recommend just picking 1 thing at a time to prevent overwhelm or the glazed over look.

You can do this! It’s not that hard. I promise.

Let’s Reveal the Cancer Causing Chemicals in the Air You Breathe

What’s HIDING in My AIR?

VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, solvents, PVC/vinyl, and endocrine disruptors…just to name a few! These items have been linked to a variety of cancers, asthma, and obesity.

What do I need to ADD?

Plants that clean the air (list coming soon!), air filter that is HEPA certified at a minimum (air filter review coming soon!), opening windows for 10 minutes a day, baking soda, exhaust fan, carbon monoxide detector, natural cleaners, non-toxic pens.

What do I need to PITCH?

Dust, fragrances, radon, indoor fires, gas space heaters, carbon monoxide, mold, VOC rich paint, permanent markers, cigarettes, carbon monoxide, chemically based cleaners, dry cleaned clothing.

Detox Your Home!

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