There are several steps you can easily take now to get better sleep naturally. Because when you’re at home you spend the most time in your bedroom, detoxing your bedroom is the key to being on your way to improving your sleep and your health. Keeping your bedroom as dark as possible should be the first step, but here are several others:

Take Out Technology

Many people have a TV in the bedroom, as well as phones, tablets, and e-readers. But the light these devices emit disrupts melatonin production, reduces deep sleep, and re-activates the brain, which makes it harder to fall asleep. And wireless devices like cell phones emit EMFs or radiation. Cell phones emit more radiation when they are seeking out a signal versus when they are in use. That means that when your cell’s sitting on your nightstand, it has a higher level of radiation than when it’s in use.

Purge the Pills

Don’t change any medications or add new supplements without first talking to your doctor, but even over the counter sleep medications can impair how well your liver detoxes other toxic exposures. Some of my favorite sleep aides are melatonin, Sleepy Time Tea by Celestial Seasonings, and Passionflower + Schisandra glycerite.

Declutter and Dust

When you declutter, you reduce the number of things that need to be cleaned. You then don’t need as many cleaners since you have fewer things for dust to settle on. Since dust contains heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides, the more we can avoid dust, the less toxic exposures we are getting.

Clear Away the Candles

Candle wicks can contain lead to help them light and burn and the fragrance could hide things like formaldehyde. Use an essential oil diffuser instead. Lavender essential oil used during sleep has been shown to reduce stress hormones and help with deepening sleep.

Ditch the Dresser

If your bedroom furniture is made with press board, it might be off-gassing formaldehyde and other VOCs. Since it can take 5 – 10 years for your furniture to stop off-gassing these chemicals, buy furniture made from real wood instead. Furniture tends to take up a lot of space in a room, so you may end up getting better sleep naturally quickly without all those chemicals in your bedroom.

Scrap the Sheets

Pesticides, flame retardants, and chemicals in anti-wrinkle products are in your sheets, mattress, blankets, bed spread, and duvet. Choose greener alternatives, like mattresses and mattress and pillow covers that are fabric or wrapped in or made from naturally flame retardant wool. For comfortable and non-toxic options, here’s a mattress review article for you to read. Buy sheets, duvets, and blankets that are made from organic fibers.

Can your Clothes

From moth balls to chemically treated fabrics, your closet might just be the biggest chemical convention in your home. Did you know that the fabrics in your clothing aren’t just making your home toxic, but are also polluting the world’s water sources? Buying organic and locally sourced clothing is a great way to replace toxic clothes with healthier options. And cedar essential oil is a natural moth solution.

In order to get better sleep naturally, working on each of these things even one at a time will help. You’ll soon see results as you improve both your sleep and your health.

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