Mosquito BitesAs it starts to warm up around the U.S. it’s that time of year…Mosquito Season! The other week a patient was asking me how I handle mosquito bites, and boy did I give her an earful! I’m SUPER allergic to mosquito bites.

Before naturopathic school I would regularly take anti-histamines, apply steroids, and do just about anything to make the swelling go down. When I say swelling, I mean whole limb swelling! Not just a little red bump. The cool thing is that while in ND school, I learned some new tricks to help treat these annoying bug bites.

No one like bug bites! That’s why I wanted to pass on these Mosquito Bite Tricks to you today.
Homeopathic Remedies for Bite Relief
Ledum: feels worse after scratching, better with cold application (like ice)
Apis: feels hot and swollen to the touch, burning/stinging pain
Hypericum: itching with numbness and tingling

Applying Clay Topically
Bentonite Clay – My personal favorite. I use a clay application to help reduce swelling, distract from itching, and draw out any bite venom. I mix a pinch of bentonite clay with a bit of water, apply to the bite and voila!

Essential Oils
Lavender: applying lavender oil topically could be helpful in reducing swelling and pain. Personally, I like to mix this in with the bentonite clay.

Prevention as Best Medicine
DEET Free Repellent
Citronella Candles or Torches

Store Bought Solutions
SSSting Stop
Badger After Bug Balm Itch Relief

Hope you stay Mosquito Bite Free!