When it comes to cancer, sugar is a huge thing to eliminate from your diet. So why the heck is it so hard?!?

Did you know that your body is wired to be attracted to sugar?

Once upon a time, sugar was an indication of the mineral and nutrient content in fruits and vegetables. Our taste buds developed ways to pick up on these minute changes in sugar content.

You’ve probably experienced this taste bud development when you eat a really fresh peach, or fresh strawberries from the California Coastline (my personal favorite), or vegetables straight out of the garden. Doesn’t it just taste better? That’s because the nutrient content is denser.

The problem is, that processed foods have used this natural wiring to have us become attracted to sugary beverages and treats…not broccoli or strawberries.

You can actually measure this connection between sweetness, mineral, and nutrient connection!  It’s called Brix content, which is a glucose index. The studies that have looked at the brix content and the nutrient profile of food found that if the brix content is low, then the nutrient profile is low.

What researchers have found is that if you have a high brix content in the soil, you also have high brix content in food. Your food will taste very sweet to your taste buds, and you’re getting the minerals and nutrients feeding.

So, your body is designed to have this sensory input to know which food is full of nutrition. Isn’t that amazing?!

To show you how powerful this really is, let’s look at a research study. This one study was designed to look at kids food preferences. The researchers put out a bowl of high brix content fruit, low brix content fruit, and a bowl of candy. When the high brix content fruit was out, that children actually preferred the fruit over the candy. When the low brix was out, the kids preferred the candy over the fruit. It’s all about the nutrient and how much nutrients the nutrient level is actually in the food that drives their desires for different kinds of food.

Doesn’t that give you a little bit of a sigh of relief? It’s like, “okay, now I understand why I want sugar, so let’s make sure when I’m craving sugar, I’m getting the minerals and nutrients that I am actually craving instead of the soda. That is, is masking what my body really needs to meet the craving.”

So now you know, here’s what you can do to kick the sugar cravings and cancer proof your diet:

  • Eat fruits and vegetables that are nutrient dense
  • When craving sugar, use minerals to help curb the craving
  • Replace your candy bowl with a fruit or vegetable bowl
  • Encourage Farmer’s and lawmakers to advocate for high quality soil

After hearing so many people confused by diet, I wanted to help you get out of fear + confusion, and back to loving food. That why I created this super easy to understand, easy, one-page road map. You can download it by clicking the “download now” button below.  


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