Integrative Oncology

Integrative Oncology Articles by Dr. Heather Paulson, ND

Learn more about integrative oncology and the different things you might experience. To start, what is this? It is a way of using natural therapies along with modern medicine in treating cancer. I include therapies such as herbs, nutrition, hydrotherapy, and homeopathy to treat a variety of cancers. This results in a customized protocol for natural cancer care. The plan takes into account the tumor environment, your chemical and environmental exposures, and unique blood markers. Below you can read articles I have written about the personalized support I provide during cancer care. 

Dealing with Taste Changes During Cancer Treatments


While undergoing treatment for cancer, your tastes can change for several reasons. The actual biochemistry of your taste buds can change, you might find the smell of food appealing, or maybe it’s just not as pleasurable to eat. If this [...]

Support Your Body During Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy


Naturopathic medicine may help reduce some of the side effects that can occur when radiation for breast cancer. Some of the natural recommendations are easily found in your kitchen cupboard, while others are available at the health food store. [...]