biohack-cancer-cells_websiteTo biohack our health seems to be the latest trend in wellness/anti-aging and since I am a special kind of cancer nerd I wanted to know; Can we biohack cancer cells?!? Join me on this journey of Biohacking Cancer cells. I will be updating this blog post regularly as we learn more and new ways to biohack cancer.

If you haven’t heard of it before, Biohacking is a new way of looking at optimizing cell function and genomics (or gene function). It’s usually reserved for anti-aging and sports performance. I have been listening to Biohackers at conferences, reading their blogs, and listening to them on Podcasts. All this time while I was learning, I had one question in mind.

How can Biohacking be used to stop cancer cell growth? How can it be used to prevent cancer?

Well, after years of research, I finally have some Bio-hacking Cancer ideas to share with you!

Cancer Biohack #1 – The ARX

What is the ARX? It is an exercise machine that works thourgh Adaptive Resistance Exercise. Which means that it reacts to YOUR force output. Unlike traditional weight bearing exercise, the force is controlled by you and simulated through a computer interface with a pulley system.

Why is this great for cancer survivors and cancer prevention?

The ARX can be used to gain strength for anyone with physical limitations. Since it is only responding to your own strength and force, the computer cannot push you beyond your physical limits.

Another benefit is that eccentric loading is used for bone growth, which great for women on aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer and men on hormone supressors for prostate cancer. It can also be good for anyone looking to prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis in general.

Also, more and more research is being uncovered about exactly what kind of exercise is best for cancer survivors. While walking comes out as the clear winner, there are recommendations for weight bearing exercise too. The problem with too much weight bearing exercise is that it may increase hormones and growth factors that stimulate cancer cell growth.

With the ARX, you are only doing weight-bearing exercise for about 10 minutes! It’s enough to condition your muscles and gain strength, but probably not enough to impact hormone circulation long term. Cool, right?!?

My favorite benefit? Getting in weight bearing exercise in just 10 -20 minutes once a week. We are all busy and neglect exercise because there’s just “not enough time.” But any of us can carve out 20 minutes for improved strength, bone density, and cancer prevention.

Other Benefits:

  • Improve chronic tendinitis
  • Increased strength

If you get sore after using the ARX, here’s a couple of supplements that might help your recovery:

  • Branch Chain Amino Acids
  • Vitamin E
  • Flavanoids
  • Fish Oil

Listen to more info about ARX on this podcast:

Find an ARX Machine Near You:

Looking for ARX in Arizona? Contact the office! I would be happy to refer you to a local Physical Therapy Office that has the ARX machine.

Cancer Biohack #2 – Floating

Float pod centers are popping up all across the country and the world. I heard about the experience of floating from many friends and colleagues. Concerned about the potential claustrophobia, I put off this experiment for several years. Just a couple weeks ago, I became brave enough to give it a try. The results were amazing! After floating I had deeper sleep, improved dreaming, reduced stress response, and clearer thoughts.