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cancer survivor expert Dr. Heather Paulson


The Process of Recovery, Repair, and Restoration, A Return to Wholeness

If you are a cancer survivor, I will support you in creating a life that includes health, vitality, and cancer prevention. I will utilize the tools that you need on your path to healing, reintegrating your body, mind, and spirit. Together, we’ll set your health goals, which could include:

  • Reducing risk of cancer recurrence
  • Regaining health and vitality
  • Preventing and addressing long-term side effects of cancer treatments
  • Supporting emotional health and wellness

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Are You a Cancer Survivor?

I am here to help you define for yourself what it means to be a healthy and whole cancer survivor. You might have felt like you lost control or disconnected from your physical body since being diagnosed with cancer, or maybe even long before your diagnosis with cancer. As your guide, I will help you regain your sense of oneness with your body. Let’s get you reconnected and whole.

Reducing Risk of Cancer Recurrence

When I was working in the National Parks as an aquatic ecologist, I understood that every part of the living and breathing watershed affected the health of the fish in the stream. From soil, to plants, to exactly how the water flowed, each of these things ultimately impacted the health of fish. This is how I view caner growth, too. It takes a certain type of soil, water flow, and other external inputs to create cancer. Cancer can only grow when the internal environment of the body supports its growth.

With naturopathic oncology, we look at your internal environment and bring areas of dysfunction back to health. There are so many factors that can create an environment of cancer cell growth, including hormones, lifestyle, tumor growth stimulators, environmental exposures, and emotional health. When one or more of these systems is out of alignment, it impacts every cell of your being. By bringing health back to you as a whole, we improve the function of your healthy cells, and can help stop cancer growth in its tracks. There are many strategies that can be used to help stop cancer from coming back.

Together We Can

  • Stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal
  • Take charge of your own health
  • Identify areas of dysfunction and bring them to health
  • Start a new way of living that makes it difficult for cancer to return
  • Address the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical areas of dysfunction and restore them to health
  • We will look at the many avenues that stimulate cancer growth that could be impacting you. Things like:
    • Inflammation
    • Immune system dysfunction
    • Hormonal Imbalance
    • Exposure to environmental toxins, heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and industrial chemicals
    • Factors of Angiogenesis, which allows cancer cells to grow
    • Risk for metastasis including bone health, liver health, and reducing receptors that allow cancer to spread
    • Lifestyle choices, including food, exercise, and spiritual practices

Regaining Health and Vitality

Recovering from conventional treatments can be difficult, and many people say they don’t feel “back to normal” for months or even years after treatment. By using naturopathic medicine during treatment, we can reduce long-term side effects proactively and provide any additional support that might be needed after treatment. If you have already completed chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, natural medicine can help get you back to feeling great! Common complaints that have improved for my patients while being treated are:

  • Fatigu