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Reclaim Your Life After Cancer

Let’s face it. Cancer is a scary wake-up call. The benefit of this wake-up call is that it helped you get clear on the life you want to create. But creating it on your own, without support is lonely, hard, and sometimes you’re not quite sure if you are doing it right. No matter how many books and blogs you read, no one is writing about YOU! That’s why I am so glad that you are here, thinking about joining a retreat.

I am a cancer expert here to help you heal.

What Can You Achieve with a Cancer Retreat?

We know your body wants to heal. That’s why you are on this page in this moment. Your body is calling out to you. Your soul is calling out to you. Take the next steps to experience transformation, feel nourished, and release the fear of cancer coming back.

  • Do a deep dive into YOUR HEALTH PLAN in a way that is impossible to do in a regular office visit
  • Learn What Supplements Could Improve Your Health
  • Tackle Environmental Toxins Linked to Cancer
  • Address Emotional Patterns that can Lead to Disease
  • Individualize a Diet Plan Based on Your Specific Needs

With me by your side, we will go deep; we tailor a health program just for you. We will even cover parts of your health plan that you didn’t realize are missing.

Ready to Heal Cancer Retreat

Dates pending for 2021.

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Let Go of Fear.

“I am walking away from this retreat with hope, strength, and love. My favorite part was being with a group of people that really rallied around each other. It is a great time to explore yourself and consider your path. After this retreat I feel like I can let go of fear. I can now say ‘Yes’ to more of life’s opportunities.”

Anna J., California

Liberate Yourself.

“At the retreat with Dr. Heather Paulson I learned that it’s okay to be my true self. The retreat was a time to expand my spaces and capacity for love. I also learned about finding balance in food choices. After this retreat I feel liberated.”