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Dr. Heather Paulson

Have You Been Diagnosed with Cancer?

It can be overwhelming, right? For one thing, there is so much new information! And you have to try to make sense about what it all means, right now and in the future. It can be a lot.

If you are looking for a doctor that can help you understand your natural cancer treatment choices so you can make decisions clearly and confidently, I’m here. I can make sense of your pathology reports, treatment options, and natural cancer therapies.

It’s never too soon to start working with a naturopathic oncologist. No matter what’s on your horizon, I help you navigate it calmly. Take charge of your future and let me take the stress of research off you.

I am a cancer expert here to answer your questions.



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Integrating Naturopathic Medicine with Cancer Care

Natural medicine has been used in cancer care for centuries. In fact, many of our modern chemotherapies are derived from plants and nutrients. As a board certified naturopathic oncologist, I am familiar with the cutting edge research on natural therapies for cancer, and also well versed in traditional uses of herbs, nutrients, diet, hydrotherapy, and homeopathy to address a variety of cancer types.

Natural Cancer Therapies

When using integrative or natural cancer care, you will also be supported with a variety of natural therapies that may include diet counseling, IV nutrients, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy. When I develop your unique and individualized natural cancer care plan, I will take into account the tumor environment that lead to cancer growth, your chemical and environmental exposures, and unique blood markers that influence your cancer.


By looking at cancer markers in the blood, our team of physicians will track how therapies are working and what uniquely influences cancer cell growth in your body. Markers might include immune cells, hormones, growth factors, vitamins, and minerals.
Detoxification is an important piece of reducing cancer risk. But, there is a right time and a wrong time to detox. To detox or cleanse, we recommend targeted nutrients that help Phase I and Phase II detoxification in the liver. I have many patients that have gone through our specific detox program to treat side effects from cancer treatments, get their health on track, and reduce risk of cancer recurrence. Let’s talk and see if now is the right time to start a detox program.