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Every day, children and adults are being exposed to greater quantities of chemicals in the environment and food supply. Things like heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and other toxic chemicals interact synergistically to increase their negative effects on the body. Once stored in your body, a variety of health conditions can arise, including cancer, fatigue, and sinusitis. Current studies have shown that all US residents carry a body burden of the toxins listed above.

A simple office visit can assess your exposures to a variety of toxins and chemicals. After this assessment, we will be able to see if your chronic health problems may be a result of toxin buildup in your body. Dr. Paulson was trained by Dr. Walter Crinnion, one of the nation’s top environmental medicine physicians, in how to use questionnaires, health history, geographical places of residence, and laboratory markers to get a general assessment of your toxic burden. Dr. Paulson can then put protocols into place to reduce the burden and restore health. Naturopathic detoxification, depuration, and immune restoration therapies are an important aspect of her practice.