Skip the Master Cleanse … and do this instead

Skip the Master Cleanse And Do This Instead

If you have ever googled “detox diets” you have probably come across The Master Cleanse. This is one of my least favorite cleanses, especially if you have a history of cancer. Let me tell you why.

The Master Cleanse was developed in the 1940s to help with weight loss and fat flushing. It consists of a liquid only diet. You drink lemon juice with maple syrup, salt water, and an herbal tea that is a laxative.

Why I’m Not a Fan of the Master Cleanse

Low Calories

Because of the low calorie and low protein nature of this cleanse, it can cause muscle loss. When it comes to cancer survival, maintaining muscle mass is key! That is why when talking with my patients about cleansing, I lean more towards cleanses that include bone broths and protein powders.

Blood Sugar Ups and Downs

Due to the mix of fasting and maple syrup, there are spikes and drops in blood sugar levels. For cancer survivors (and cancer prevention), these ups and downs in blood sugar levels can increase insulin and insulin-like growth factors. Both insulin and insulin-like growth factors have been linked to cancer cell growth.

What You Can Do Instead of the Master Cleanse

When guiding my patients through a cleanse, I pick cleanses that go slow and steady. The most important way to cleanse is through your daily choices, not a short 3 day burst of change. If you are looking for my favorite way to cleanse, you can check out this blog post and download my top tips.






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Dr. Heather Paulson, ND, FABNO is a board certified naturopathic oncologist and an expert in combining natural therapies, nutrition, exercise, and emotional healing. She creates a strategy for dealing with cancer just for YOU. In her 10 years of clinic experience, she's helped thousands of people with cancer. She has dedicates her life and medical training helping those moving through the cancer experience.

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