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Help! I’m Tingling: Natural Treatments for Neuropathy from Chemo

I have been asked by many cancer survivors, is there something natural I can take for neuropathy from chemo? The sensation of numbness and tingling is a common side effect that can be hard to shake once treatment ends. The good news is, there are some natural therapies that have been super helpful for my patients with neuropathy and I wanted to share these things with you. But first, let’s talk about what neuropathy is and why neuropathy (or as the research calls it, neurotoxicity) happens in the first place. Defining Neuropathy Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is typically defined [...]

Eat Red, White and Blue: Anti-Cancer Foods for Your Summer Celebration

Do you ever look down at your plate and think, “Wow, this is so pretty!” If not, it’s time for you to add some more colors to your meal. Making a colorful meal is like painting a beautiful masterpiece. Your taste buds will start dancing because each color represents a different flavor profile. But the real reason we eat a color rich diet is because it often includes anti-cancer foods, with each color having different phytochemicals that could reduce cancer cell growth. Plants with higher color content have higher anti-oxidant activity, and anti-oxidants can help inhibit cancer cell growth. Some [...]

Skip the Master Cleanse … and do this instead

If you have ever googled “detox diets” you have probably come across The Master Cleanse. This is one of my least favorite cleanses, especially if you have a history of cancer. Let me tell you why. The Master Cleanse was developed in the 1940s to help with weight loss and fat flushing. It consists of a liquid only diet. You drink lemon juice with maple syrup, salt water, and an herbal tea that is a laxative. Why I’m Not a Fan of the Master Cleanse Low Calories Because of the low calorie and low protein nature of this cleanse, it [...]

Gerson Therapy: Should You Be Using This?

If you have been researching cancer diets, chances are you have come across the Gerson therapy. There are some great testimonials and documentaries that support the use of Gerson diet changes. However, for most of my patients, the changes recommended in the Gerson Diet are just way too much for day to day living. I’ve heard patients successful in using Gerson therapy call it a full time job. […]

10 Easy Ways to Overcome Chemo Brain Naturally

Chemo Brain: the side effect that keeps your friends and family teasing you. You can’t remember where your keys are, why you walked into a certain room, or a bunch of other big and little things. You are not alone! Some studies estimate that 70% of people who go through chemotherapy have chemo brain. […]

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