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Dr. Stephania Sciamano

Keeping Your Energy High with Modern Shamanism

  • Secrets of Energy Management for Busy People
  • The Real Reason for Your Pain or Illness
  • True Stories of People Who Healed Using Shamanic Journeying

Dr. Stephania Sciamano is an Energy Management Specialist. She helps women leaders keep their energy high so that they can get it all done in ½ the time. Dr. Sciamano is a licensed naturopathic doctor and a shamanic healer. She ran a successful naturopathic medical practice for 10 years before transitioning into Energy Management full time. She has a true gift of being able to identify the real problem behind what’s holding you back from your highest energy levels.

She combines her medical knowledge with emotional healing and spiritual truth to help women create lives of purpose, peace, and their highest-potential. Her passion is helping ambitious women to really have the energy to see their missions through and create amazing change in the world. She does this by helping them transform their energy levels so they can feel calm, focused, and higher-performing.

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