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Alicia Hartzell

Miracles Surround You, But Can You See Them?

  • Your Essential Truth
  • Why Life Turns Up the Volume, and How to Turn it Down
  • The Key to Attracting Miracles into Your Life

Author of Awakening to Your Story, Alicia Hartzell is a heart enthusiast and emotional heart expert. Her job is to inspire, support and teach you as you deal with life’s most challenging situations.  She firmly believes that everything that happens in your life is there for your higher good. Yes, even that terrible thing that just popped into your head. She has spent the last 5 years teaching practical applications of this universal truth. She believes that learning how to map out your heart can benefit everyone. Whether it is on her webseries, in her books, through her teaching programs or even if you catch her in a coffee shop, she is always ready to show you how your heart works.

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