Jeff Harris and Christy Snow

Cherokee Healing Stories from The Elders

  • How Auras, Chakras, and Meridians are Used in CJ’s Healing Practice
  • Keys to Proper Grounding For Health
  • Breaking Free from Familial Programs

Jeffrey Harris is Cherokee, raised with the traditional Cherokee teachings. He was dedicated to his lifework at the age of seven. His work includes aura and energy repairs, storytelling, teaching, and ceremonies and rituals. Jeff has been a bio-electrician, teacher, and artist for over 60 years.

Christy Snow has been learning the traditional Cherokee healing arts since 1987. After a twenty year career in medical education, she retired to work with Jeff in his traditional healing arts and refine her own clairsentience abilities. Christy is the owner of DesArt Studio, which focuses on education, graphic art design and holistic healing. And, since 2013, she has developed her own private consultation practice at Southwest Integrative Health Care in Tucson.

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