I’m Thrilled You Joined My Community!

For your convenience, I have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

You should be able to access the videos and audios on any mobile device and iPad.


There are many reasons you may not be able to access the video – the most common one being bandwidth/internet speed challenges. If you’re having technical difficulties watching the video, check to make sure your computer is properly updated, and your internet connection is running smoothly. Restart it. Try a different browser or device, the videos will play on tablets and phones as well as on computers. You can also try closing other programs on your computer that may be taking up space and slowing down speeds.


If you can see the video, but the audio doesn’t come through, check the following:

  • The volume is turned up.
  • Your computer or device is not muted.
  • On a PC there are multiple volume controls.
  • Do you have something plugged into the headphone port?

Lastly, each video has its own, hidden sound control. On a computer you start the video and then place your cursor over the video. Then move it to the left of the time display and the volume control pops up. This controls the sound volume for that particular video in that particular browser. On mobile devices volume control may work differently; try it out. The volume is always set to full, but it is possible that you accidentally lowered it.

If you have problems finalizing your purchase, we recommend that you use the PayPal system. Simply fill out the upper part of the purchase form and instead of putting in the credit card data, click the Pay with PayPal box at the bottom. You will then be redirected to a PayPal page, where you can enter your credit card details. At the top of that page you can select your country, and the form fields will change accordingly.

(International buyers: In the purchase form the State field has a “my state is not listed” option at the bottom and in the ZIP code field enter your postal code or 11111 if you don’t have such.)

If for any reason the my programs don’t meet your expectations, please email info@drheatherpaulson.com to cancel your membership. A full refund is available within 30 days after purchase.

Please let the video “buffer” a bit ensure best playback. When you start the video, pause for a few minutes before viewing it all the way through. Streaming video can use a lot of your internet connection bandwidth. Pausing before you play the video, allows your computer to pre-load (buffer) before watching ensuring smooth playback if there are any slow downs or connection issues.

I have a different question…

Please make sure that your question is not answerable by one of the points above. Then email info@drheatherpaulson.com to send an email to our support staff. We strive to answer each email within 24 hours.