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Dr. Todd Watts

The Hidden Causes of Cancer and Autoimmune Disease

  • The Infections that Connect Cancer and Autoimmunity
  • How the Gut Microbiome Can Protect You from Cancer and Autoimmunity
  • Why Over Stimulating the Immune System Could Harm You

Dr. Todd A. Watts is a national board certified chiropractic physician in Idaho, a functional wellness practitioner, and is licensed with the Pastoral Medical Association.

Dr. Watts’ passion for helping others restore their health so that they can live their true purpose stems from his journey in overcoming his health struggles. His journey began at the age of 28 when he had Epstein Barr Virus and by the time he was 40, he struggled with arthritic pain in his hands, wrists, low back and shoulders, along with chronic headaches and muscle tightness in his neck, shoulders, and back. He also struggled with food and seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue, night sweats, muscle fatigue and twitches, brain fog and memory issues. Attending a medical conference on Lyme disease, he identified with many of the symptoms of Lyme and its coinfections. He later tested positive for a chronic Lyme infection through a blood test.

On his journey with treating Lyme disease, he seemed to go through cyclical patterns of feeling good and then crashing. He met another practitioner who told him he had parasites, which was causing many of his symptoms as well as the cyclical pattern. Having gone through many Lyme protocols, he realized that addressing the parasites was vital in overcoming the Lyme disease. Finally, addressing heavy metal toxicity, environmental toxins and radiation has helped completely restore his immune system and energy to allow him to help others, enjoy time with his family and live his true purpose.

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