Dr. Madiha Saeed

7 Easy, Fast, and Cost-Effective Healing Tools You Already Have

  • How to balance your body into optimal healing
  • What the “4 Ss” are and how they are critical for healing
  • The #1 healing tool you have at your disposal 24/7

Madiha M. Saeed, MD, ABIHM is a board-certified integrative holistic family physician practicing in Illinois. She is a diplomat of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and holds a diploma in homeopathy from the Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy.

Dr. Saeed’s enthusiasm is demonstrated in her numerous public speaking engagements and her growing international social media presence as HolisticMom, MD. Her articles are regularly published in Holistic Primary Care magazine, which referred to Dr. Saeed as “an emerging voice for the next generation of holistic physicians.”

She has been featured in the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine’s member spotlight. Dr. Saeed is the Director of Education for Documenting Hope, a national organization dedicated to healing chronic disease in children, where she educates the public on healing and preventing chronic disease.

Download: MP3 Audio | Transcript

The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease

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