Dr. Carol Lourie

Inflammation: Autoimmune Disease and Breast Cancer – Similarities and Differences

  • The cascade of events that happens when you are inflamed
  • How to reduce inflammation (and it’s delicious!)
  • Revealing and testing the root cause between cancer and autoimmunity

Before attending the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Carol Lourie worked in the field of community mental health and had her own catering business. Upon graduation, she moved to California, where she obtained her acupuncture license. In 1988, Carol was able to combine all her experience, skills, and passion and opened the Natural Health Care and Healing Center in Berkeley.

Carol has always been interested in the treatment of complex disease and utilizes all her skills for a mind-body approach towards achieving wellness. Carol partners with her patients to discover the root causes of their disease and recover their health. From using her skills as a Chinese medicine practitioner, to her functional medicine and homeopathic knowledge, Carol provides a tailored program that addresses every aspect of their illness.

Carol has come to be known as a specialist in women’s health, treating complex, chronic disease, such as autoimmune illness and Hashimoto’s, as well as providing supportive care for women both during and after breast cancer treatment.

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