Day 1

Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Links to Reversing Cancer and Autoimmunity for Long Term Health

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Dr. Daniel Nuzum

The Connection Between Cancer and Autoimmune Disease

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Dr. Todd Watts

The Hidden Causes of Cancer and Autoimmune Disease

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Dr. Carol Lourie

Autoimmune Disease and Breast Cancer

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Dr. Paul Anderson

Connecting the Dots between Autoimmunity and Cancer Stem Cells

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Day 2

Dr. Amy Myers

The Impact of Estrogen

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Dr. Valencia Porter

The 3 Major Toxic Exposures and What to Do About Them

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Dr. Madiha Saeed

7 Easy, Fast, and Cost-Effective Healing Tools You Already Have

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Dr. Christine Schaffner

Hidden Triggers: Lyme Disease, Heavy Metals, and Immunity

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Dr. Keira Barr

Your Skin: The Most Powerful Diagnostic Tool You Have

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Day 3

Dr. Elisa Song

How to Prevent Disease and Help Your Child Thrive

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Dr. Kaayla Daniel & Chef Lance Roll

Bone Broth and the Essence of Gut Health

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Megan Buer

Mind-Body Healing

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Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Open Up and Say HAAAAA!

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Dr. Keesha Ewers

The Relationship Between Trauma and Disease

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