Sweat it out!

Today’s holiday detox strategy is one you’re going to love. No extra work needed and it’s pure relaxation.

To flush your body of all the “extras” from your holiday cheer, you can sweat it out. And not the usual way of a cardio workout, but in the comfort and warmth of a sauna.

Sitting in a sauna helps to mobilize toxins stored in your fatty tissues, such as heavy metal and solvents.

Here’s how to max out your detox benefits of sitting in the sauna:

  • Make sure you don’t stay in a sauna for longer than 10 minutes at a time.
  • Rinsing off with cold water after your sauna removes the sweat from your body, and helps improve energy levels.
  • Always make sure you have been cleared by your doctor before starting a sauna regime because it may change your blood pressure or be unsafe for certain cardiovascular conditions.


Not sure where to find a sauna?

The good news is that they’re everywhere; look for one at your gym or local health club, or you may be able to book sauna time at a local spa. Google “local saunas” and set aside time for at least one sauna session this holiday season.

If you can’t find a sauna, a bit of cardio (even 5 minutes!) can get you sweating, too.


To Your Wellness,

Dr. Heather