Can I Detox with Cancer? Can I Detox After Cancer Treatment?

Let’s talk about cancer and detoxification. When it comes to detoxing after cancer or chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery – it can be complicated. But it can (and should) be done.

Have you wondered….

Can I detox my body from these harmful chemicals?

We all know that the chemicals used in chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are beneficial for killing off cancer cells. But what does cancer treatment do to your normal cells?

Have you asked yourself (or your doctors)…

Is there a way to remove some of these toxins from the body?

Smart question! But, have you considered the downsides of detoxification.

Before starting a cleanse or detoxification program after cancer treatment, I like to consider:

  • What will happen if you mobilize some of these chemicals from your body?
  • Will your body be able to detox chemotherapy and treatments?
  • Is it safe to detox? How did your liver, kidneys, red blood cells, and white blood cells recover from treatment?

The good news? For most of us, a cleanse is safe (but always check with your doctor before starting something new).

The bad news? When it comes to detoxing after cancer treatments, it can be complicated. So let’s start at the very beginning. The most important thing I have learned in over a decade supporting patients detoxing after cancer treatments: go slow!

What is detoxification?

Simply put, detoxification is anytime you’re removing toxins from the body. On a deeper level what’s happening with detoxification is that you are transforming toxic substances into less toxic substances.

One of the challenges with detoxification, especially with people who have undergone treatments for cancer, is that you can easily overload the body’s detoxification system. This happens in your liver and can cause a build up of toxic metabolites.

Have you ever tried a detox or a cleanse on your own, and just haven’t felt that great? Sometimes people can experience:

  • Headache
  • Brain Fog
  • Fatigue
  • Moodiness

This can be because you overloaded phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification systems. That’s why it is so important to detoxify in the way that best supports your body, and doesn’t cause overload.  Also, one of the first principles of detoxification is to remove toxic exposures. That is why you should not push a detox while receiving chemo or radiation.

Detoxification Pathways

Let’s dive a little deeper