Book Report_2

I love the book Radical Remisson. Why? Because in cancer care, sometimes it can be difficult to maintain hope. That’s why I love Radical Remissions by Kelly Turner, PhD. It is one of my all time favorite books! In this book Dr. Turner reviews the 9 Key Factors that she identified in her research to create Radical Remissions.

So what is a radical remission? In order to have a Radical Remission you have to have experienced:

  • Cancer going away without using any conventional medicine (radiation, surgery, chemotherapy); or
  • Try conventional medicine, but cancer does not go into remissions, but once switching to alternative methods of healing, they do experience remission; or
  • Uses conventional medicine and alternative healing methods at the same time in order to outlive a statistically dire prognosis

In my practice as a naturopathic oncologist, I see people outlive their statistical prognosis on a regular basis! I am so happy to see this acknowledge in research studies. But what I love even more, only a few of the keys to radical remission can be done in a naturopathic visit, the rest is up to the individual seeking healing.

So, what are the keys to experience a Radical Remission?

  1. Radically change your diet
  2. Take Control of Your Health
  3. Follow Your Intuition
  4. Use Herbs and Supplements
  5. Release Suppressed Emotions
  6. Increase Positive Emotions
  7. Embrace Social Support
  8. Deepen Your Spiritual Connection
  9. Have Strong Reasons for Living

What is amazing to me is that only 3 of the 9 keys are addressed by diet, supplements, or the “silver bullet” people are looking for from natural medicine. While radically changing your diet, taking supplements, and taking control of your health are important, according to Dr. Turner, not everything is addressed by a supplement or diet change.

The mind-body connection is so important for creating a Radical Remission. Sometimes what it takes to heal cancer is to have deepen your spiritual connection, have a social structure and community that supports you, and to work through past traumas, anger, and hurt. I often see people outlive the statistics for their cancer just because of an upcoming life event for a family member. So, having something to live for is critical in experiencing health.

If you are looking to prevent cancer or experience a radical remission, take a look at the list and rank form 1 – 9, 1 = not doing and 9 = doing daily. Where are you lacking? Where are you overachieving?

Now, pick one of the lower ranking Keys to Remission that you want to work on. How will you do this? Who do you need on your health team to help make it happen?

Let us know in the comments! We are here to support your health goals and answer any questions you might have.