One of the top questions I get in my office when talking about diet and cancer is “Are Beets Good For Cancer?” Many people come into my office juicing beets, eating beets, and even taking supplements and powders made from Beets. The confusing part is that beets can be high in sugar and contain cancer promotion amino acids. So my answer to this question typically is…


The good news about Beets (which is probably why you are eating them) is that they can:

  • Support Liver Health
  • Aide in detoxification
  • Provide important minerals and nutrients
  • Add purple plant phytochemicals to your diet
  • Help with muscle recovery

This can be great for someone that has not been diagnosed with cancer.

But Guess What…There’s some not so good news about Beets too. Beets might actually promote cancer growth. 

Beets are high in Arginine, which can stimulate b