cancer fighting foods

Cancer prevention starts with food in your kitchen! I love to look to the kitchen as a great place to start for cancer fighting foods and cancer prevention. 

If I could be a little birdie on your shoulder at the grocery store, there are a couple of things I would suggest you put in your cart…

Cancer Fighting Foods to Pick Up at the Grocery Store:

  1. Turmeric: a lovely cancer preventing spice that blocks so many cancer growing processes, it’s hard to even count them all.
  2. Ginger: probably one of your top anti-inflammatory spices. Fresh or powdered, both versions can give you a cancer prevention boost.
  3. Tomato paste: your best source of lycopene, this phytochemical has been shown to reduce and  prevent colon cancer, ovarian, prostate, and breast cancer cell growth.
  4. Cabbage: or any other cruciferous veggie are great cancer preventing foods. Lately, cabbage has been my go to!  These sulphur rich cruciferous veggies have been shown to reduce risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancer. Not to mention, they support you in detoxifying your body.
  5. Frozen berries: a high source of anthocyanins, berries are an important blocker of inflammation, blood vessel growth in cancer cells, and provide good antioxidants. Move beyond the smoothie! I love berries in sauces so get creative.
  6. Fish: a pescatarian diet is being linked to reducing cancer risk. Make sure your fish is low in mercury and meets the good fishing standards of Sea Food Watch.
  7. Green Tea: this might be a little cliche by now when it comes to cancer preventing food. But the research is so good, I had to put it on here. Did you know that you can reuse the same tea bag to reduce caffeine exposure and improve the plant chemicals you absorb? Might be a good idea if you are drinking the recommended 4 – 8 cups per day.
  8. Mushrooms: a great source of Beta Glucans, which help balance the immune system. Supporting the immune system is an important part of cancer preventing foods and the cancer prevention kitchen. Cooking mushrooms in water like in soups, sautees and tea seems to be the best way to extract these beta glucans.
  9. Lemongrass: did you know that drinking lemongrass tea can be a great source of Citral? This chemical has been shown to cause cancer cell suicide. Other cancer preventing foods rich in citron include lemon and lime skins. 
  10. Milk Alternatives: This could be almond, coconut, cashew…it’s your choice! ccording to some epidemiological studies the protein casein, found in milk, may be linked to increased cancer risk. That’s why we keep dairy intake to a minimum in our house.