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Skip the Master Cleanse … and do this instead

If you have ever googled “detox diets” you have probably come across The Master Cleanse. This is one of my least favorite cleanses, especially if you have a history of cancer. Let me tell you why. The Master Cleanse was developed in the 1940s to help with weight loss and fat flushing. It consists of a liquid only diet. You drink lemon juice with maple syrup, salt water, and an herbal tea that is a laxative. Why I’m Not a Fan of the Master Cleanse Low Calories Because of the low calorie and low protein nature of this cleanse, it [...]

Gerson Therapy: Should You Be Using This?

If you have been researching cancer diets, chances are you have come across the Gerson therapy. There are some great testimonials and documentaries that support the use of Gerson diet changes. However, for most of my patients, the changes recommended in the Gerson Diet are just way too much for day to day living. I’ve heard patients successful in using Gerson therapy call it a full time job. […]

10 Easy Ways to Overcome Chemo Brain Naturally

Chemo Brain: the side effect that keeps your friends and family teasing you. You can’t remember where your keys are, why you walked into a certain room, or a bunch of other big and little things. You are not alone! Some studies estimate that 70% of people who go through chemotherapy have chemo brain. […]

Hair Growth After Chemo: 5 Natural Things You Can Do

One of the most common bummers of chemotherapy is hair loss! And when it grows back, it can be a different texture, color, and look. That’s why I get so many questions about what can be done for hair growth after chemo. So here are some of my top tips: […]

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Biohack Cancer Cells

To biohack our health seems to be the latest trend in wellness/anti-aging and since I am a special kind of cancer nerd I wanted to know; Can we biohack cancer cells?!? Join me on this journey of Biohacking Cancer cells. I will be updating this blog post regularly as we learn more and new ways to biohack cancer. If you haven’t heard of it before, Biohacking is a new way of looking at optimizing cell function and genomics (or gene function). It’s usually reserved for anti-aging and sports performance. I have been listening to Biohackers at conferences, reading their blogs, [...]

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