Soul of Healing

Soul of Healing with Dr. Heather Paulson, ND FABNO

Supporting your body while healing from cancer takes a lot of different forms. Dr. Heather Paulson has written a lot of articles about nutrition and anti-cancer diet as well as natural cancer care. However, there are still other topics worth discussing that aren’t covered under those headings. That’s where My Point of View comes in–the other tools and techniques and things to think about that have an impact on your attitude and well-being. I invite you to come read more about these topics and leave your questions and comments. Thank you!

Call a Truce to The “War On Cancer”

I am so struck by the idea that there was a war declared against cancer in the 70’s. A war conjures up imagery of destruction, fighting, and competition. In it’s very definition a war is a state of hostility or conflict. So here we are, declaring a war on cancer. Marching in walks and parades [...]