How to Prevent Cancer

Articles on How to Prevent Cancer by Dr. Heather Paulson, ND

Do you want to learn how to prevent cancer? To become a Board Certified Naturopathic Oncologist, I went through medical school along with all the other doctors. But instead of traditional medicine, I chose to focus on naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic medicine uses herbs, vitamins, diet, and alternative healthcare as the primary treatment. That gives us a lot of techniques to help you learn to prevent cancer. Here you can read my latest articles on the tools and techniques to detox each room in your home, detox your backyard, and eliminate cancer causing chemicals.

5 Things You Don’t Realize Are Toxic In Your Bedroom (And How to Fix Them)

Did you know that the one room you spend the most time in at home is your bedroom? Hopefully, if you are sleeping well, you spend at least 7 to 8 hours in your bedroom every night. But it’s not all sweet dreams … you might get exposed to these 5 things that are hiding [...]

Detox Your Bed with These Simple Tricks

Have you thought about what you’re sleeping on, and how that’s impacting your health? One of the best places to start reducing chemical exposures is the bedroom. (Surprising, right?) Every night when you are snuggling up in bed, you could also be snuggling up to these toxins. […]

DIY Natural Non Toxic Dryer Sheet

I am a huge fan of getting toxins out of your everyday life. That’s why I put together this natural non toxic dryer sheet recipe. When you make your own cleaners, you know exactly what into it, and what your family is being exposed to. Unnatural fragrance is one of your most common and potentially [...]

Eliminate Cancer Causing Chemicals Lurking in Your Kitchen!

When you walk into your kitchen you may be wondering what’s for dinner or why you need to do the dishes, again. The kitchen is the heart of our home, so you may not realize that there could be hidden toxins hanging out there. In fact, there could be cancer causing chemicals in your kitchen, [...]