How to Prevent Cancer

Articles on How to Prevent Cancer by Dr. Heather Paulson, ND

Do you want to learn how to prevent cancer? To become a Board Certified Naturopathic Oncologist, I went through medical school along with all the other doctors. But instead of traditional medicine, I chose to focus on naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic medicine uses herbs, vitamins, diet, and alternative healthcare as the primary treatment. That gives us a lot of techniques to help you learn to prevent cancer. Here you can read my latest articles on the tools and techniques to detox each room in your home, detox your backyard, and eliminate cancer causing chemicals.

Top 5 Cancer Fighting Supplements

My Favorite Cancer Fighting Supplements Whether you're trying to prevent cancer or maybe you've already been diagnosed with cancer, the number one question I always get is, "What should I start with? Where should I begin with my supplements?" Here are the top five supplements that I recommend for someone who has been diagnosed with [...]

Does Sunscreen Cause Cancer?

It’s summertime and the distinct scent of sunscreen is everywhere. You probably already know that protecting your skin from the sun is an important step in reducing your risk of skin cancer. But did you know that certain types of sunscreen have been linked to skin cancer? What most people want to know is does [...]

Does Sugar Feed Cancer?

Sometimes in life we wish things had a simple yes or no answer. Especially with a substance as addictive as sugar. To make things just a little more complicated, are we talking about sugar in general? Granulated sugar like you use as sweetener? Sugar from fruit? Sugar from honey? All of these sugars act differently [...]

Clear the Air! Cancer Causing Household Chemicals You Breathe.

It’s time to clear the air of cancer causing household chemicals! There are so many things in our everyday environment that are linked to cancer risk. Some of these toxins are unseen and floating all around you in the air as household chemicals. […]

My Favorite Non-Toxic Beauty Products

Try These Favorite Non-Toxic Beauty Products One of the sneaky ways you can get exposed to cancer causing chemicals in your bathroom is through beauty products, soaps, and shampoos. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite brands of non-toxic beauty products to check out. […]

Detox These 3 Things in Your Bedroom to Improve Sleep and Your Health

Want to know three secrets behind improving your sleep and your health? Detox these three things in your bedroom, and you will be on your way to a better nights sleep. […]