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Anti Cancer Diet Articles by Dr. Heather Paulson, ND

There is so much to say about the relationship between eating habits and cancer. An anti cancer diet is a powerful tool in your natural medicine kit. As a Board Certified Naturopathic Oncologist, I went through medical school (just like any other doctor) and focused on naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic medicine uses herbs, vitamins, diet, and nutrition as the primary treatment, using drugs only when necessary. Please find below the articles I have written about nutrition and diets that are designed to help you fight cancer, as well as trendy diets that may not be best for you.


Gerson Therapy: Should You Be Using This?

If you have been researching cancer diets, chances are you have come across the Gerson therapy. There are some great testimonials and documentaries that support the use of Gerson diet changes. However, for most of my patients, the changes recommended in the Gerson Diet are just way too much for day to day living. I’ve [...]

Pescatarian Diet Reduces Cancer Risk

Have you heard about how a pescatarian diet reduces cancer risk? It is even being investigated for reducing risk of cancer recurrence! Today I am going to share with you some of the latest cancer diet research and help define the pescatarian diet. What Is the Pescatarian Diet? A pescatrian diet is a modified vegetarian [...]

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3 Healthy and Easy Cancer Preventing Dinner Menus

You might have already read my post on the 10 Must-Have Cancer Preventing foods. If you have been wondering just how to get these foods into your diet it’s really easy to create healthy meals! Pick a cancer preventing dinner menu from some of my favorite recipes. […]

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10 Must-Have Cancer Preventing Foods

Cancer prevention starts with food in your kitchen! I love to look to the kitchen as a great place to start for cancer preventing foods and cancer prevention.  If I could be a little birdie on your shoulder at the grocery store, there are a couple of things I would suggest you put in your cart… [...]

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