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Pescatarian Diet Reduces Cancer Risk

Have you heard about how a pescatarian diet reduces cancer risk? It is even being investigated for reducing risk of cancer recurrence! Today I am going to share with you some of the latest cancer diet research and help define the pescatarian diet. What Is the Pescatarian Diet? A pescatrian diet is a modified vegetarian [...]

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Have a Retreat (without packing your bags)

In the hustle of day-to-day life you probably feel like you need a little escape, retreat, or recharge. I can totally relate! That’s one of the reasons why I created the Maui retreat. Without a chance to hit the PAUSE button, the stress hormones start piling up. The to-do list edges out our to-be list. [...]

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The One Thing You Need to do to Create Sacred Sleep Space

What does it take to have a truly sacred slumber? There are certainly some herbs, essential oils, and talismans that I could share with you. But for now, let’s focus on the environment of the your bedroom. If I were to recommend just one things you need to create sacred sleep space I would recommend…DARKNESS.  [...]

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5 Things You Don’t Realize Are Toxic In Your Bedroom (And How to Fix Them)

Did you know that the one room you spend the most time in at home is your bedroom? Hopefully, if you are sleeping well, you spend at least 7 to 8 hours in your bedroom every night. But it’s not all sweet dreams … you might get exposed to these 5 things that are hiding [...]

Detox Your Bed with These Simple Tricks

Have you thought about what you’re sleeping on, and how that’s impacting your health? One of the best places to start reducing chemical exposures is the bedroom. (Surprising, right?) Every night when you are snuggling up in bed, you could also be snuggling up to these toxins. […]

Natural Non Toxic DIY Dryer Sheets

Have you tried DIY dryer sheets? I am a huge fan of getting toxins out of your everyday life. That’s why I put together this natural recipe for non toxic DIY dryer sheets. When you make your own cleaners, you know exactly what into it, and what your family is being exposed to. Unnatural fragrance [...]

3 Healthy and Easy Cancer Preventing Dinner Menus

You might have already read my post on the 10 Must-Have Cancer Preventing foods. If you have been wondering just how to get these foods into your diet it’s really easy to create healthy meals! Pick a cancer preventing dinner menu from some of my favorite recipes. […]

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